How The Money Rub🤑💰💸 Started.


Love to have fun and spend time with
people who matter the most. Created a dance and song called The Money Rub🤑💰💸. This dance was created by Chris Rhycraw and I he was taking me back home from college and we were cruising on our way back home. When suddenly I handed Chris some money and the way he grabbed it I turned it to a dance and I said chris check this out and I was moving my hands like I was rubbing money and he was like that go hard so as I went back home I created a song for it I didn’t really know how to make music at all really just expirementing I actually made the song on my phone when people heard it they were amazed it went viral and it still does till this day the first song I made was The Money Rub 🤑💰💸 and it was at my friend destins house in his room is where I actually recorded it at his little brother chance was even in the background one time saying aye he said it at the right time because it sounded good. I also only recorded the Money Rub only one time and it was a hit not having no clue what I was doing with music at all just expirementing. With my music I will strive to bring all cultures together in a positive way and to end racism.

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